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The Bat Sarah Press philosophy on handmade, collaboratively made Ketubot: 

A Ketubah is not only a traditional contract and a promise made between life partners; it sets a symbolic tone for the home you build together with your partner. It illuminates the role of intention in your partnership and in your individual life, moment to moment. A Ketubah, like any work of art, is made through a process of exploration. While a wedding is one special day, a Ketubah stays with a couple over a lifetime, and is often shared as a family heirloom.

My favorite part about making ketubot is getting to know my clients. Once we decide to work together, we will engage in an open conversation about your aesthetic and cultural interests. With your help, my goal is to manifest visually that which is in your hearts and minds. The end result is a meaningful work of art. 

Scroll down to learn more about the BSP process of crafting ketubot or check the FAQ page for a breakdown of the timeline from start to finish.

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A Historical Summary of the Ketubah

The Hebrew word Ketubah translates to document. The Ketubah was originally created as a legal document defining a husbands obligation to his wife in marriage. As the tradition goes, every Jewish groom to this day gives his bride a Ketubah document at the marriage ceremony.

The content of the original text was progressive for its time, which originates around the end of the Babylonian exile. Since women in that time period were mainly consigned to domestic roles without monetary gain potential, they were reliant upon their husbands for financial support. The Ketubah established a womans right to economic protection in the event that her marriage didnt last. The document defined the husbands financial obligation to his wife, and provided for her security in the event of his death or their separation under other circumstances.

The original Ketubah text was written in Aramaic. While the origins of illuminating and decorating Ketubah texts are unknown, many decorative Ketubah relics from ancient times remain intact today.

Today, the variety of styles and text options available are infinite, from the Traditional Orthodox script to writing personalized vows or text. The couple is able to craft a document that is meaningful to their partnership.

Though the tradition itself is ancient, each Ketubah is a living document that hangs in the home of each couple who bring this ritual into their marriage. This Ketubah, made legal at the moment of marriage, continues to represent a couples promises to one another and to their community. It illustrates the partnerships potential for continual growth and understanding in relation to one another.

Notes on the Jewish tradition of marriage.

Did you know that here are just three customary requirements that comprise a Jewish wedding? 

  1. Partner A gives Partner B an object of some value
  2. Two (Jewish) witnesses are present
  3. Those witnesses sign a written contractual document, the Ketubah.

Anniversary Ketubot

The anniversary ketubah is a modern practice that couples may choose to take part in. Whether you and your partner did not ever have a ketubah, you'd like to update the look of your current ketubah, or if you want to renew your vows, an anniversary ketubah is a work of art and more. Text is completely up to the couple ranging from traditional Aramaic to English vows written by the couple. Write me an email of interest to begin planning your Anniversary ketubah. 


Ordering your Ketubah...

Choose from currently available limited edition prints in the BSP SHOP or start from scratch.  Fill in the Ketubah Order Form to personalize your text content.

When ordering a collaboratively made custom ketubah, please allow at least 4-6 months for production.  Depending on availability, rush orders may be accepted for an additional charge. Please send an email of interest to to begin the conversation.

After an initial conversation and decision to work together, a contract is drawn up to lay out the terms of creation and payment. The couple fills out the Ketubah Questionnaire. From there I will create some initial sketches based on our conversation. Following approval of one design, I will create a tighter sketch and finalize your text choices. After a final review of the text by your wedding officiant, your artwork is created and shipped along with an official Bat Sarah Press certificate of authenticity.

A helpful tip when filling out the Ketubah Order Form: Before selecting your text, be sure to share it with your wedding officiant or rabbi, especially if you are having a traditional religious ceremony. You may also choose to compose your own original text or provide an alternative text.

Why do I want to know if your wedding will occur before or after sunset? For Jewish weddings, this information will affect the Hebrew calendar date, which can be calculated at

Design options:

Text Content (Write your own, select from written texts, or mix and match):

2. Bat Sarah Press Text Options (Reform)
3. More Texts to Choose From or Use as Reference...

Click here to view Hebrew options
Click here to view English options
Provide your own

Handwritten calligraphy is available at an additional cost of $300.oo depending on case-by-case factors.

Text layout: Layout of text can be customized and depends on the style of the artwork on your Ketubah.

General Pricing:

Every custom piece starts at the base price of $1,200 and could range up to $3,500. Pricing accounts for:
An initial consultation and brainstorming conversation (free of charge), labor costs for design planning, translation of custom English text, and labor costs for production of the final piece. 

Items from the previously designed sketch portfolio range from $1000-$1200 in price. Choose from items in the ketubah gallery, BSP SHOP, or be in touch to request additional available designs.

Additional pricing breakdown can be found on the FAQ page.