Exploring spiritual connection through artfully made objects.



Clash and converge (agate), 2017.

Clash and converge (agate), 2017.

"The document that is always becoming."
Work with BSP to design custom artwork or choose a limited edition print to last a lifetime. 


The Village Print (Golden Hue), 2016.

Gematria employ techniques of Kabbalistic numerology. These prints make unique one-of-a-kind and personalized gifts for a newborn, a birthday, bar/bat mitzvah, conversion gift or other occasion.

Gifts + Multiples

Ali and Danny's Map of Cincinnati Tote, 2014.

Create a custom image to make a unique and personalized give away for family and friends. Work with BSP to create something special and print it wherever you like!


"We are thrilled with our ketubah and can’t wait to find the perfect spot to display it."
"The whole process, from my first inquiry to receiving a beautiful Gematria print, was easy and effortless."