Kavanah 5778

The month of Elul is the time for preparation and reflection upon deeds and misdeeds of the yea gone by. On the first of Tishrei, we will enter the culminating moments of the High Holiday season. We stand at the foot of the Ten Days of Awe.

Now is the time for a reboot; to set the tone for the coming year...

Kavanah 5778: Cover mock-up

Kavanah 5778: Cover mock-up

I am feverishly working to share Kavanah 5778, a journal companion for the High Holidays! It is intended to be used at this particular moment of resetting our intentions, or "kavanah". The pages hold prompts for writing and action, as well as a timeline that connects current aspects of everyday life to a chronological (yet abbreviated) ordering of the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur service. The idea is to check in with ourselves so that a practice of awareness may built up throughout that sacred time, priming us for the inevitable unknowns in the year to come. I hope that Kavanah 5778 will prepare the participant for being a better citizen of the world and humanity in the coming year.

I will be selling these hand bound books at Ish Festival in Cincinnati and in Chicago (write me to order your copy). I will also make a PDF download available on my site for a suggested donation under the limited edition prints in the BSP SHOP.

I look forward to hearing about how this experiment works for you all so next year's journal can be even better. 

Shanah Tova V'gmar Chatima Tovah 


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