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Please allow 4 weeks for gematria orders selected from the Gematria Gallery or BSP SHOP. When ordering a custom gematria, please allow at least 3 months for production. Depending on availability, rush orders (custom orders needed in 4 weeks or less) may be accepted for an additional charge. Please send an email of interest to info@batsarahpress.com to begin the conversation.

Custom Design Process:
1. Once Custom Gematria clients pay an initial deposit through the SHOP they fill in and return the Gematria informational survey
2. A contract is then drawn up to lay out the terms of creation and payment. If I do not receive the signed contract within one week I will assume the project is not going forward. When the contract is signed and returned, I will reserve a block of time for the production of your artwork in my studio calendar. 
3. For custom artworks: when your reservation time arrives, I will create 3 initial loose sketches based on your order form requests. Following approval of one chosen layout design, I will create a tighter sketch and finalize your text. After a final review of the text and image, your artwork is created and packaged.

All Gematria texts are original and based on an individual name or number provided by the client.

PRICING: Gematria templates start at $225.00. Custom designed Gematria begin at $300.

Gematria are made using a combination of hand drawn and digital collage techniques, and printed in archival ink on archival watercolor grade Somerset paper.


At a glance...

Each letter in the Hebrew language is assigned to a numerical value. Aleph=1, bet = 2, etc. Adding up the letters results in a unique numerical value, or Gematria, for every word and phrase permutation. Comparing and contrasting the relative value of different words and phrases often affords surprising insights into the text and allows one to correlate seemingly unconnected Torah and life topics. Gematria interpretations are used at times to help give a new and deeper appreciation and understanding of the text. (Chabad.org)

A Brief (and Personal) History of the Gematria

My grandmother, Miriam Bernstein, was a woman of great vision and poise. She was a devout feminist who organized and lobbied for women’s rights and participation in American politics. She spoke to G-d by the pronoun ‘She’. Of her many accomplishments, Grandma Miriam prided herself on her work towards strengthening her community and above all, she cherished her family— most especially her grandchildren.


A look into the process of creation from start to finish:

Hadassah Yarden, 2017


Grandma Miriam Bernstein

Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism, does not content itself with a mere translation of the Hebrew name given to a child. A name tells a story: the Hebrew word for “name” (Shem) has the same numerical value (Gematria) as the word for “book” (Sefer = 340). A name is a book, it defines your mission on earth and contains a powerful and potential blessing.
— Miriam Bernstein

A tradition Grandma Miriam built in our family was that of sharing prophetic Gematria numerology interpretations. At auspicious moments such as the birth of a child, a birthday, or a marriage, she would heavily research the names and dates of those involved. She would then interpret the Hebrew letters of these names as dictated through study of the mystical teachings of the Kabbalah. She would weave powerful stories and blessings to empower those she addressed.

Grandma Miriam passed away in Spring 2015. Since then I have found comfort in the practice of researching and composing interpretations based on names and significant dates. Finally, I added to the tradition by adorning the text with handmade artwork. Many thanks to my cousin, Sarah Ganson Shmoel who shared this idea with me, and inspired BSP Gematria prints.

Gematria make unique one of a kind personalized gifts for loved ones in honor of special occasions or non-occasions.