Supportive Hands Customizable Ketubah

Supportive Hands Ketubah.jpg
Supportive Hands Ketubah.jpg

Supportive Hands Customizable Ketubah

from 450.00

Supportive hands is a design that represents the wholeness of all things. The ketubah text is nested between supportive hands, giving the piece its title.

16" x 16" - $450
18"x18” - $500
20”x20” - $525
22" x 22" - $550
24" x 24" - $575

Once you make your purchase, please fill in the ketubah survey and send to

Please allow 6 weeks lead time.
Rush orders ship within 3 weeks, add $100.

Digital collage printed in archival inks on Somerset cotton paper.
The price includes your selection of 4 custom patterns to insert in the leaves of the tree.

More about the origins of this design:

In Kabbalah, the number one conveys unity, agreement, and simplicity. Like breathing, it comes naturally and without even thinking. All life forms are made up from the same biological material that unites us on a cellular level. We are many and one at the same time. The tree formed here is one organism formed by two separate root systems.

Two symbolizes duality, tension and complexity, and signifies plurality. It is key to remember that when we unite in community, we are closer to wholeness. The support of community is essential to support the home a couple builds as partners in life.

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