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The Bat Sarah Press philosophy on handmade, collaboratively-made Ketubot:

A Ketubah sets a symbolic tone for the home you build together with your partner. It illuminates the role of intention in your partnership. A Ketubah, like any work of art, is made through a process of exploration. While a wedding is one special day, a Ketubah stays with a couple over a lifetime, and is often shared as a family heirloom over the course of generations.

My favorite part about making ketubot is getting to know my clients. Once we decide to work together, we will engage in an open conversation about your aesthetic and cultural interests. With your help, my goal is to manifest visually that which is in your hearts and minds. The end result is a meaningful work of art and a reminder of the reasons you choose this partnership day in and day out.

Scroll down to learn more about the BSP process of crafting ketubot. Visit the Ketubah Gallery to see past works and be sure to check the FAQ page for a breakdown of the timeline, process, and cost estimates. 

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Ordering your Ketubah...

Choose from one of the following options:
-Select a design template from the SHOP
-View the Ketubah Gallery and select a design to customize
-Start from scratch. 

Please allow 6 weeks for template design orders. When ordering a customized or fully custom ketubah, please allow at least 6 months for production. Depending on availability, rush orders may be accepted for an additional charge of $100. Please send an email of interest to to begin the conversation.

1. Once custom ketubah clients pay an initial deposit through the SHOP, they are sent the ketubah questionnaire to fill in. The client responds with the filled in survey and images or a link to a Pinterest board (see the Bat Sarah Press Pinterest page to start building yours).
2. A contract is drawn up to lay out the terms of creation and payment. If I do not receive the signed contract within one week I will assume the project is not going forward. When the contract is signed and returned, I will reserve 6 weeks for production of your artwork in my studio calendar. 
3. When your reservation time arrives, I will create 3 initial loose sketches based on your order form requests and the visuals you share with me. Following approval of one chosen layout design, I will create a tighter sketch and finalize your text. You will have one week to request changes on the design for up to 2 hours of labor free of charge. After that week, additional changes to the sketch will cost $40/hour.
4. Once the final design is approved, your artwork is created. When complete is is packaged along with an official Bat Sarah Press certificate of authenticity.

A helpful tip: before selecting your text, be sure to share it with your wedding officiant or rabbi, especially if you are having a traditional religious ceremony. You may also choose to compose your own original text or provide an alternative text. 

Why do I want to know if your wedding will occur before or after sunset? For Jewish weddings, this information will affect the Hebrew calendar date.

Text options:

Text Content (Write your own, select from written texts, or mix and match):

2. Bat Sarah Press Text Options (Reform)
3. More Texts to Choose From or Use as Reference...
4. Provide your own text (add $50)
5. Translation request for client provided text (add $100)

1. Digitally sourced fonts (no extra charge):

2. Handwritten calligraphy (add $300)


Custom ketubot start at the base price of $1,000 USD.
Customizable designs inspired from the Ketubah Gallery start from $400-600 USD.

Ala carte options such as handwritten text, size, extra labor, and shipping costs may increase the base price.

Additional details about pricing can be found on the FAQ page.

indigo orb ketubah (minimal series)

indigo orb ketubah (minimal series)

Tapestry ketubah

Tapestry ketubah